Hello everyone!

It’s February and Club Council is working hard with all clubs and organizations! Please make sure to view the calendar or OrgSync for upcoming and exciting UWB events:

A very exciting Club Council event is coming up for Spring quarter… Stay tuned! We will keep you updated.

Also, personally, I am so excited for the Sochi Olympics! So far so good, very breathtaking!


-Julia Y.
Club Council Vice Chair


Welcome back!


Hello! I hope everyone had a fun and exciting winter break! One quarter down, two to go. Club Council is eager to see what all the clubs have in store for the rest of the school year. We love working with all of you 🙂 As always, GO DAWGS!

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” – Dr. Martin Luther King

Alycenne Nguyen

Club Council Chair

Finals are over, it’s finally BREAK!

I am so glad to be over with my finals! I’ve been waiting too long for this break! I feel like this quarter was very successful, especially when it comes to Club Council. We had so many clubs renewing their status, as well as new clubs created on our UWB campus! I’m looking forward to see this University grow and expand! The more clubs, the better. I’ve had such an amazing opportunity to meet so many great leaders this quarter, I am surrounded by so many awesome people here at Student Life! I’m looking forward to next quarter and doing the same thing.

Please look out for posters around campus for new up-coming events (a lot of exciting events are coming up for winter quarter!), and make sure to attend as many as you can!

I’m off to finally relax on my break. See you guys next quarter,

-Julia Yemelianov
Club Council Vice Chair

Finals Week

Hi everybody!

This quarter has been crazy and the tests were no different!  Today I enjoyed back-to-back challenging tests, but now it’s all over.  I have now completed all of them and I can rest for several weeks!

This winter break I’m going to make sure to sleep lots and also do some reading and lots of eating.  Club Council will not be meeting over this time, but when we come back we will be ready to tackle everything that Winter quarter has to offer.  I’m excited to see what clubs have planned!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful break, and we’ll see you soon!


Club Council Treasurer

Thanksgiving Week

Hi all,

Even though this quarter is heating up with final exams and projects, it’s important to take the time to relax, eat, and be thankful for family and friends this Thanksgiving week.  I’m excited to bring in the Thanksgiving activities and to stuff my face with turkey and sweet potatoes (a new personal favorite of mine).  I’ll also make sure to bring the coconut butter, avocado, almonds, dark chocolate, and bananas (some of my all time favorite foods) to enjoy alongside the legendary Thanksgiving foods.  Here’s a special treat suggestion (free of charge) to maximize enjoyment of sweet potatoes.  If you enjoy sweet potatoes, load them up with olive oil and coconut butter/oil.  It’s a healthy combination of good carbs, and fats.  Plus it’s delicious!

Aside from eating, in time for Thanksgiving I have been learning about the meaning of life and death, in my “Ethics, Society, and Death” course with professor David Nixon.  I highly encourage all students to try this class out, as it’s very fun, as well as mentally challenging and stimulating.  It is also certainly unique, although slightly macabre in that it makes you think quite a bit about your own death.  But so it goes!

Things with the Club Council are also going well!  Things are getting started for all clubs, and soon we are going to see a giant amount of awesome events.  We already have quite a few!

So, enjoy Thanksgiving week all, and I’ll see everyone soon!


Club Council Treasurer